Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Two Sons

So big news in the Barber household: our 18 month old son, Michael Jr., looked at our Bible and, in a clear voice, identified it: "Bible". That's certainly worthy of a post!

Though I don't have a video of the moment, in honor of this rather auspicious occasion, I'm here including the most amazing post my wife put up on our two wonderful boys over at our family blog , which she has graciously allowed me to repost here (thanks, honey!). Check it out:

When you have a brother there's someone there to love....

To see neat stuff...

To give a kiss...

Or maybe a lil' shove.

When you have a brother, the kisses will abound

Laughter will be plentiful

With a brother around.

Brothers are a help to you, when cleaning out your ears

or flossing,



and keeping away the tears.

Brothers share their toys and treasures,

they do this quite a lot.

They'll even share their pacifiers...

...on second thought, maybe not.

Brothers like to be a team, and tease their dear ol' mama,

But there's always love, and always joy,

and maybe a touch of drama.


Danny Zacharias said...

love the pics man!

Sister Mary Agnes said...

This is precious! He recognizes the Bible already! Not to mention he's already participating at Mass . . . :) Thanks for posting!

anthony said...