Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Discovery in Jerusalem

The AP is reporting some big news about important new find in Jerusalem:

JERUSALEM – An Israeli archaeologist said Monday that ancient fortifications recently excavated in Jerusalem date back 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon and support the biblical narrative about the era.

If the age of the wall is correct, the finding would be an indication that Jerusalem was home to a strong central government that had the resources and manpower needed to build massive fortifications in the 10th century B.C.

That's a key point of dispute among scholars, because it would match the Bible's account that the Hebrew kings David and Solomon ruled from Jerusalem around that time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh scholars. Why must you doubt the Scriptures? I can understand study, but not doubt.

Anonymous said...

Last July, I, a Catholic, was blessed to be sent by the AntiDefamation League to study in Israel for 7 days, spending one day studying at the Temple excavations. Thank God for the Israeli government which truly supports freedom of religion. Long live excavations like this one that we apologists can point to when our atheist and agnostic friends decry our faith!

Sister Mary Agnes said...

This is awesome news. Won't it be wonderful when we are in Heaven and we will see the whole truth about human history and the Scriptures?