Monday, April 26, 2010

Bob Cargill's UCLA Jerusalem Class On-Line


Bob Cargill mentioned that his UCLA course on Jerusalem would be posted over at iTunes University and that excerpts of it could be found over at YouTube. So I downloaded the course from iTunes. I can't turn it off. This is great stuff.

One disclaimer: Bob explains at the beginning that he is going to edit out certain things from the lectures such as "sex-jokes". I haven't listened to them all yet, but so far it looks like he has been true to this. Thankfully, he avoided the opportunity to exploit the name of the "cheese cutter" gate for crass humor. I expect that he will continue to keep the material "classy," as the subject matter really deserves it (i.e., a class on the "Holy City"). Personally, I think crude humor is inappropriate for a classroom; students deserve to be treated with professionalism. Though the temptation to get a cheap laugh from immature undergrads may be strong, I think such talk cheapens the professor and the course.

I'm loving this material, and I think you might too--go check it out. Here's the YouTube channel. Here's the link to iTunes University.


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