Monday, April 26, 2010

Scott Hahn on Benedict's Biblically Focused Pontificate

National Catholic Register has a great piece up by Scott Hahn celebrating the fifth anniversary of Benedict XVI's election to the papacy. In the article Hahn discusses how the Holy Father has especially devoted his pontificate to calling the faithful to the study of Sacred Scripture.

While this priority of the pope is not something you'll hear much about in the mainstream media, make no mistake about it, this pontiff has been uniquely focused on calling the faithful to renew their faith in the Bible:

As I write this, I’m looking at the cover of one of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s books, now reissued under his papal name. The book is titled God’s Word, and the cover shows a photograph of the Holy Father.

He’s slightly off-center because he’s holding up the book of the Gospels — covering himself, as it were, with the word of God.

For me, that cover is emblematic of his pontificate thus far. His hallmark is the centrality of the word of God. That’s where he has kept our focus — not on fads or scandals or the world’s alarms. Christ, the Word Incarnate, is the solution to every world crisis. Pope Benedict has invited us, insistently and consistently, to encounter Christ in the word inspired, the sacred Scriptures

You can read the rest here.

Of course, here once again I want to mention Dr. Hahn's amazing new book on Pope Benedict's Biblical Theological vision. I've talked about it already here. I love it so much I'm now using it as one of the texts for my Biblical Hermeneutics course.


Anonymous said...

I think his calling us to read Scriptures is providential.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Really, one of the best books I have read. Hahn is outstanding in this book, especially in his articulation of Benedict's theological synthesis. I definitely recommend it!

Dim Bulb said...

At one time Dr. Hahn had an article up on his site ( entitled BENEDICT XVI AND BIBLICAL THEOLOGY. I was going to link to it but the link no longer works.

Also, does anyone know if his doctoral dissertation (Kinship By Covenant) is still online? I posted a link to it on by blog a few years ago and have noticed on my stat page that many people are searching for it, but it's no longer available on the host site. Fortunately, I downloaded a personal copy for myself.

Disciple said...

Dr. Hahn spoke in Birmingham a while back and had copies of his books with him, including "Kinship". I think he probably took down the online versions in an effort to drive sales of the book. Not that I blame him. (He's my hero and one of the main reasons I converted.)

Peace be with you.