Sunday, May 30, 2010

If the Federal Government Can't Plug a Hole

. . . what else can't they do?

Think about it.

It seems to me the oil spill reveals one thing above all else--the incompetence of the federal government.

And before I get complaining comments--yes, I know the spill was the result of the work of a private company. I'm definitely not saying private corporations are the answer to all our society's ills. But let's be clear: it isn't as if the choice between private businesses and the federal government is the choice between good and evil, between competence and incompetence.

All I'm saying is this: the next time you think about trusting the fed to solve your problems just remember this: with all their resources, the federal government couldn't plug a hole.


Richard Fellows said...

It is very easy for non-engineers, in their ignorance of the technical challenges, to assume that plugging the leak should be easy. We should trust the experts when they say that it is very difficult and may be impossible.

I sense that frustration is making people look for someone else to blame. But isn't it the fault of all of us for demanding so much cheap gasoline? Extra precautions to prevent oil spills do not come for free, and I doubt that most U.S. voters are willing to pay for them at the gas station.

Anonymous said...

Step 1: Go to all the hair salons in the city.

Step 2: Collect their sweepings.

Step 3: Cram in hole.

Or have these people never had a clogged bathroom sink? C'mon!

Matthew Kennel said...

It isn't the case that BP has created the leak and now the government is plugging it. Although the government is certainly involved in some way, it is BP and its engineers who are designing and carrying out the actual attempts to plug the leak. So, this hardly serves as an argument against the involvement of the government in solving problems.

A better argument might be the the negligence of certain SEC employees, who were looking at pornography for hours a day while the economy was collapsing a few years ago.

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Pete said...

I agree. The coasts that are being covered with oil are the soil of these united states. If we had a strong president he would order the military core of engineers to stop it and stop it now. Debate, everything else afterwords.

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