Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When the Angel of Death Quits: Office Parody

I don't do this enough. . .

My students at JP Catholic put together numerous videos for courses they take in media and film production (from professors other than me of course!). I don't post them enough but here's one I particularly enjoyed. This is a rather amusing short which was produced for an undergraduate course on directing. Obviously, you'll have to suspend your desire for theological precision here--but it's definitely worth it for the laughs. Congrats to Gabrielle who directed this. Kudos also to Timothy Lochner, who plays the angel of death--great job! It also features JP Catholic professor and business-world genius Jerry Jackson, Ph.D., as God--what a performance! None of these guys are professional actors, but they sure did a fine job. I especially liked the last line about photocopy toner in the out-takes in the credits. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most inane, useless, and childish skits I have ever seen.

The character of God comes across as something much less than noble and all-knowing and powerful.

The angel of death is given permission to "quit" but strangely, his touch continues to be fatal. I don't find it the least bit amusing when the father of three children is taken by the angel's careless handshake.

Finally, how a thinking person could find a masseur, palm reader, and then baby-sitter are the best he can do to "help" humanity quite puzzles me.

This project merits a D-.

It certainly does not belong on a "sacred" page.

Kevin said...

Well the first anaymous please take it down a thousand (suspend theological accuracy) and enjoy it for what it is, humor. I loved it, and laughed then entire time. Good job to all those associated.

Christina H. said...

I love the office and I loved this skit!!!! Hilarious!!!!!