Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eschaton and Eschata

"The primary emphasis in New Testament eschatology is on the significance of the appearance of the Eschaton in Christ which shapes our understanding of the present and the future. Over the centuries, however, the emphasis has fallen on a treatment of the individual eschata to the neglect of the Eschaton in Christ. Somediing of a separation has taken place between our understanding of the Eschaton in Christ and its relationship to the individual eschata."

--Dermot Lane, Keeping Hope Alive: Stirrings in Christian Theology (New York: Paulist, 1996), 2.


Peregrinus said...

Forgive my ignorance, but is there anyway that you could break down this quote in layman's terms? My Theological knowledge leaves something to be desired in this particular area. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jesus is the Beginning and THE END :)

Unknown said...

The context:
The quote concerns the end times or last days(Eschatos). Eschatology is the study or science of the End Times.
The Meaning:
Most people take an interest in individual events associated with the end times (Eschata). i.e. The four horseman for example.
However Christ is both the 'Alpha and the Omega' the Beginning and the End. Christ stands at the centre of History.
Which means history begins and ends in Christ. i.e. the Messanic Age. This is the Eschaton.
The concept is also used outside of theology for example Marxism is a Messianic political theory because it postulates communism as the Eschaton i.e. End Of History.
I hope this clarifies.