Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dissenting from Sola Scriptura

Caleb Roberts, a Protestant blogger who runs the blog gunu(re)flection, has posted on his recent abandonment of one of the major pillars of the Reformation, Sola Scriptura. In his post "Second Thoughts on Sola Scriptura," he writes:
To restate the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, it is the idea that only that which is contained in Scripture can be received with certainty of infallible divine inspiration. But think about this. When you open up your Bible to the first few pages and you come to the table of contents, has it ever occurred to you that that list is not itself a part of Scripture? That list, otherwise known as the canon, cannot be found within any book of the Bible. For what ever reason, God did not see fit to reveal to us a chapter-and-verse table of contents of what books possess that criterion of God-breathed Scripture. Therefore, given the Sola Scriptura principle, it would seem that any attempt to declare which books count as Scripture and which books do not is necessarily an extra-biblical claim that would be deemed uninspired and fallible because we don’t have an inter-Scriptural canon.
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