Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nature Documentaries: Beware!

I always thought the claims made in nature / environmentalist documentaries seemed far-fetched. Could they really follow whales half-way around the world? Now my cynicism has been vindicated!


Anonymous said...

Don't make a generalization.

Teresa said...

Just because the photo footage is of multiple whales, does not mean that the 'named whales' did not face migratory danger from predators, fishing nets, hunting by humans...whatever.These 'documentaries' are done to illustrate what we would see IF a camera DID follow them constantly!

Life in general is only what we make of it.

Many studied whales are radio tagged, and the researcher follows them closely via signals; and sight, when possible.

And you think EVERY word in the bible is truth and infallible?? Stories verbally passed down thru generations? Changed during translations? Have you ever played the 'telephone game'? Get real.