Monday, January 31, 2011

Smart People Read This Blog

Who reads this blog? Apparently, smart people. . . well, at least educated people (the two are, admittedly, not always synonymous). See the graph below from Alexa's analytics. The upshot: it appears that people who have "some college" education or a college degree go elsewhere. We attract those with graduate backgrounds.

We love our readers!


Some College
Graduate School


Sister Mary Agnes said...

This is a good motivator...I'll keep reading!

Philothea said...

Well, I don't have a graduate degree but I do read your blog! I have also learned a lot from the conferences you guys do. I really enjoyed the West Coast Biblical Conference on the Gospel of Matthew in Riverside this past January. Who knows, maybe I'm on my way to obtaining that degree, although I am getting rather old! :o)


petterwilliam said...

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