Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Join Us In Lubbock, TX This Weekend!

This weekend Scott Hahn, Brant Pitre and I are returning for another conference with Bishop Placido Rodriguez and the Footsteps of Faith organization in Lubbock, TX. This year's theme is "Faith, Family, and Culture".

I'll be giving two talks. The first will focus on the Holy Family in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. The second will look at the new translation of the Roman Missal (i.e., the Mass).

This conference is always a blast. Bishop Rodriguez is a shepherd with a heart for God's people and it is always an honor to be with him. And the people who come out for this conference are truly an impressive group--here you'll find over a thousand Catholics will well-worn Bibles in hand, ready to study God's Word!

Please consider showing up if you're in Texas. You can find out more information about the conference here.

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Dee-Jay said...

i'd like to start off by saying: y'all better come back next year. we thoroughly enjoyed your talks and cannot wait to read your books. we can now put a face to the voice on the radio as well... that in itself is exciting to us as well. dr. pitre, on the 3 hour drive home, my wife read your book aloud to me and my mother law. i can already tell you have done something pretty special here. may both of you continue to find the strength to extend the blessings of God to your students, and, well, to us too. again we would just like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

dee jay and blanca schoenewald