Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Shock Video!: Planned Parenthood Covers Up Underage Sex Trafficking

Obviously more will have to be done to verify this video, but the truth is--video like this is hard to dispute. I don't really know how there can be any "explanation" of this. This is HORRIFYING. These people are soul-less. (That of course is not theologically precise but let's not quibble here.) Please help spread this around. Please. Sex trafficking of minors isn't simply a problem in other countries but children are being abused right here in the States. Take a stand. And once again it seems amateurs are forced into doing the kind of investigative reporting the mainstream media should be about. UPDATE: More on the investigation here. This is not an isolated incident.


Randy said...

foxnews.com has a couple of highlight videos about this topic.

Randy said...

however, foxnews right now has an article on this, but the picture is the article, I believe, is very inappropriate. Be warned!

Girlyngdicky SuckerGoogy said...

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