Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fr. Younan on Biblical Theology at JP Catholic

The Second Vatican Council said that Scripture is "the soul" of sacred theology. Recently Pope Benedict also called for a theology that is exegetical. We're really trying to implement that vision at JP Catholic, especially in our M.A. in the Biblical Theology program. In addition to taking the usual courses in Christology, Eschatology, etc., students also take courses in every major category of biblical literature. In addition, they study Greek and Hebrew so they can begin to read these texts in their original languages.

Here's a great video of Fr. Andrew Younan, a professor at our school and rector of the local Chaldean Rite seminary, talking about our program. By the way, in addition to teaching Philosophy, Fr. Younan is quite an accomplished linguist. His knowledge of Semitic languages in particular is impressive. The Chaldean Rite uses Syriac in their liturgy and he is the official translator of their prayer books into English. So, in addition to teaching various philosophy courses, he also teaches Biblical Hebrew at JP Catholic.


bbmoe said...

The still picture that shows up before you start the video is someone else... I said to myself, "Hey, Fr. Andy really looks like...!!!"

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Interesting post & blog..