Friday, March 04, 2011

This Man Puts Things in Perspective

We owe it to this newest of Catholic martyrs, to take two minutes and watch what has become his last testimony to his faith and his struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East:


RobKPhD said...

May the Holy Spirit grant all of us the fortitude to face our minor confrontations with as much courage and conviction.

Sister Mary Agnes said...

We need to see this kind of witness. All my life I have heard people say, "It's not likely in our day and age that we will be called upon to be martyrs like the early Christians were."

That simply isn't true. Jesus' call to be faithful unto death has not changed, and there will always be witnesses who pay for their faith with their blood. Thank you for posting this.

John Bergsma said...

Bhatti was the real deal. He called his bishop every morning to pray with him. He knew he was going to be killed, but kept on anyway. He felt a call to the priesthood at a younger age, but felt that he could not work for justice for his community as freely if he was a priest.

tskal said...


Receive your Servant and Witness, Lord into your Loving Hands, Amen.