Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fullness is Fantastic

We're here in Arlington, Texas, lecturing through Matthew with 500+ of the best folks in the Lone Star State.  It's a great time, but I don't think Michael or I are going to have a chance to post on the Readings for this Sunday's Mass this week.  Unless Michael does it at 3AM this morning, which he just might.

I am always grateful to participate in these kind of conferences, because of the fruitful cross-fertilization that results from discussing familiar texts with several different scholars.  Michael was sharing today about Temple imagery in the Sermon on the Mount--a new perspective to me, but convincingly argued.  Dr. Hahn was pointing out the parallels of the blessings of Matt 5 and the woes of Matt 23.  Too many to be coincidental!


MRB1959 said...

Dr Bergsman, Dr Barber and Dr Hahn
Three great doctors of the Catholic Church.
We really enjoyed your informative and inspirational discussions from Matthew and the OT.

May God continue to bless your ministries and vocations.
One of the 500+ Texans

txexperiment said...

We have been to many FOT conferences in the past 3 years and all over TX. We have always enjoyed listening to all of you. This is our favorite one yet! You all did an awesome job and made the Gospel of Matthew come alive for all of us. Thanks so much for your devotion to Scripture and helping us to appreciate it also. God Bless you!

Sister Mary Agnes said...

Gee, wish I was there!

judygold said...

What a great conference! So much information to absorb! Thanks to y'all for coming to Texas this weekend. Sorry for the lousy weather Sunday. Please plan to come back soon.

Matthew Kennel said...

A great time was had by all!

John Bergsma said...

Thanks and you're welcome to all!

anthony said...

Hey Dr. Bergsma, I greatly enjoyed the conference and was definatly graced. Can't wait for you all to come again but make sure Dr. Pitre comes along next time. Guess he is to famous now that his books out. Joke! Anyway, my wife and I are meeting Calvinist friends tomorrow night. They have been trying to save our souls for over a year now. Cause we are Catholics. They say that Ephesians 1:13 says you are sealed and you cannot lose your salvation now. I still don't have an answer but if you can think of one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for great conference!