Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zwingli's Successor on Mary

The man who is generally recognized as the successor to the Protestant Reformer Huldrych Zwingli in Zurich had some interesting things to say about Mary. I just ran across this passage.
"Elijah was transported body and soul in a chariot of fire; he was not buried in any Church bearing his name, but mounted up to heaven, so that . . . we might know what immortality and recompense God prepares for his faithful prophets and for his most outstanding and incomparable creatures . . . it is for this reason, we believe, that the pure and immaculate embodiment of the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, that is to say her saintly body, was carried up to Heaven by the angels."
--Heinrich Bullinger, De origine erroris, 16.


Jim said...

this is not at all surprising, michael. zwingli himself asserted the perpetual virginity of mary his entire life.

he was wrong, and so was bullinger, but that's what the both of them asserted and firmly believed.

Ioannes said...


On this one occasion Zwingli was correct and you aren't. Please read the information provided here:



Paul P.

Ioannes said...

Also, kindly read:


tmddstett said...

jim, i don't think michael barber's point is to prove who's right and wrong. i'm sure he came to the realization a long time ago that saying "you're wrong, i'm right" doesn't spark conversion in anyone's heart.

i would suggest that the point here is to show that just because someone isn't Catholic doesn't mean they can't believe Catholic teachings. i could go on and on about all the theology of Mary, but i think above all else, barber wants to engage in dialogue in order to spark curiousity and ultimately a deeper love of Christ.

gerardk said...

No doubt that Elijah is in Heaven, but at the time he could not have gone to the third Heaven because later Jesus said that no one had seen the Father.

John Bergsma said...

So we really aren't "Zwingli Redivivus" :)