Friday, September 09, 2011

The Sacred Page Podcast 2: The Bible Made Me Catholic (Guests: John Bergsma & Derry Connolly)

This week on our show, "The Sacred Page with Michael Barber", our topic was "The Bible Made Me Catholic".

In the first part of the show I talked with my co-blogger, John Bergsma. John, as you know probably know, is an Old Testament scholar. His magnum opus is The Jubilee from Leviticus to Qumran: A History of Interpretation, which was published by Brill. In this episode, he explains his journey from Dutch Calvinism to the Catholic Church.

In the second part of the show, Derry Connolly joined us. Derry is the founder and president of John Paul the Great Catholic University. Derry describes how learning to read Scripture as part of his daily prayer caused him to have a profound inner conversion--a conversion out of which emerged a whole new university, JP Catholic (short for "John Paul the Great Catholic University").

Both stories underscore our theme--the transformative power of Scripture study.

Hope you enjoy the show!

TSP Podcast 2: The Bible Made Me Catholic (Guests: John Bergsma & Derry Connolly) [right click to download]


Restless Pilgrim said...

Is there a feed for the podcast?

Also, have you registered with iTunes? I can't find it on there either.

Sister Mary Agnes said...

Restless Pilgrim--The feeds are in the upper left corner and the last post also had info. It sounds like they are working on getting onto iTunes--which will be great!