Friday, September 02, 2011

Our New Radio Show and Podcast!

Today is a banner day for we begin a new weekly radio show/podcast!

As of this morning, we are starting a new radio show which will air each Friday on the Guadalupe Radio network at 1pm Eastern Time: "The Sacred Page with Michael Barber". For those who wish to listen live, you can go to their website here. The show will also be available as podcasts here (the first podcast will be available later today--you will see a link off on the side).

Today's guests: Brant Pitre & Dominic Iocco

On our first episode I will be joined by my friend and co-blogger Brant Pitre. The topic: his new book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper (Doubleday, 2011).

We will also be talking with  Dominic Iocco, the producer of an up-and-coming film: "Red Line."

About the Show

The program will do much of the same thing we do here on the We will interview various scholars and theologians and discuss their work. In addition, we will talk about the upcoming Sunday readings, address recent debates, cover new archaeological discoveries and look at other developments in the field of Biblical studies and Theology.

So why am I interviewing a Bible scholar and a movie producer in our pilot episode?

Well, although we will discuss biblical studies, this is not simply a show about academic inquiry. Since as Catholics we see Scripture as more than mere written text--for us it contains the Word of God!--we want to talk about how Scripture study can be transformative. We want to discuss how the lessons of Scripture relate to real-world questions people in our culture are asking. To that end I will bring on Hollywood producers, script writers, professors of new media, etc.,--people who impact culture--to discuss ways Bible study can play a role in what John Paul II called "The New Evangelization."

And it all gets kicked off today!

Get Your Free Gift and/or Be Part of the Show

Each week we will give away a free audio recording of a talk by a leading scholar or author; e.g., figures such as Scott Hahn (CD and/or an mp3 download). Oftentimes it will be a presentation that has been given by one of that week's guests. You will see a link off on the side to the free give away. To obtain this CD you will either click a link or call: 1-800-526-2151.

To be part of the show, you can call: 1-888-526-2151.

Thank you!

We have so many people to thank. First, to Guadalupe radio for broadcasting the show--thanks for the opportunity. Second, to St. Joseph's Communications and the Catholic Resource Center, especially to Terry Barber, Johnny Garcia and Richard Obannon; thank you so much for making the show possible and for indulging me in trying out all of my wacky ideas. Third, let me express my deepest gratitude to Tom Dunn, our media professor extraordinaire at JP Catholic, who edited together the montage-theme for the show and who provided the voice-over for the break at the bottom of the hour; thanks so much for your time and effort. Fourth, to the good people at JP Catholic, particularly Kevin Meziere: thanks for working so hard to get the technical details right on our end. Finally, I am grateful to the Catholic University of America for permission to use to the audio from the address of John Paul II heard at the beginning of the recording.

Here we go!

So, buckle up! This is going to be quite a ride! And please help us get the word out: "The Sacred Page" is now a blog and a podcast!


Restless Pilgrim said...

About time!

Anonymous said...

Great! Will be listening to the podcast. Is there a link to the first show?