Thursday, September 22, 2011

TSP Episode 3: Jeff Morrow, Conversion from Judaism and the Bible Politicized

I'm a bit behind in posting this, but here is The Sacred Page Podcast Episode 3. Here I talked with Jeff Morrow, Ph.D., who converted to Christianity from Judaism and then came into the Catholic Church. He also talks about "The Bible Politicized".

TSP Podcast 3: Jeff Morrow: Conversion from Judaism and how the Bible Politicized [right click to download]

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Nick said...

Great comments from the Fathers about the Sacred Scriptures:

St. Augustine, Chapter 15 of "Of Two Souls":
Give heed to these things, I beseech you, dearly beloved. Your dispositions I have well known. If you now concede to me the mind and the reason of any sort of man, these things are far more certain than the things that we seemed to learn or rather were compelled to believe. Great God, God omnipotent, God of supreme goodness, whose right it is to be believed and known to be inviolable and unchangeable. Trinal Unity, whom the Catholic Church worships, as one who have experienced in myself Your mercy, I supplicate You, that You will not permit those with whom from boyhood I have lived most harmoniously in every relation to dissent from me in Your worship. I see how it was especially to be expected in this place that I should either even then have defended the Catholic Scriptures attacked by the Manich├Žans, if as I say, I had been cautious; or I should now show that they can be defended. But in other volumes God will aid my purpose, for the moderate length of this, as I suppose, already asks to be spared.

St. Augustine, Chapter 30 of "Of the Morals of the Catholic Church":
62. But why say more on this? For who but sees that men who dare to speak thus against the Christian Scriptures, though they may not be what they are suspected of being, are at least no Christians? For to Christians this rule of life is given, that we should love the Lord Our God with all the heart, with all the soul, and with all the mind, and our neighbor as ourselves; for on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Rightly, then, Catholic Church, most true mother of Christians, do you not only teach that God alone, to find whom is the happiest life, must be worshipped in perfect purity and chastity, bringing in no creature as an object of adoration whom we should be required to serve; and from that incorrupt and inviolable eternity to which alone man should be made subject, in cleaving to which alone the rational soul escapes misery, excluding everything made, everything liable to change, everything under the power of time; without confounding what eternity, and truth, and peace itself keeps separate, or separating what a common majesty unites: but you also contain love and charity to our neighbor in such a way, that for all kinds of diseases with which souls are for their sins afflicted, there is found with you a medicine of prevailing efficacy.