Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TSP Episode 4: Fr. Andrew Younan and Nathan Scoggins

On the most recent episode of The Sacred Page radio show/podcast focused on the theme of priesthood as we spoke with two interesting guests.

Fr. Andrew Younan is the Rector of the Chaldean Rite Catholic seminary in San Diego. The Chaldeans have a fascinating history which traces itself back to Babylon (modern day Iraq). He spoke of his journey to the priesthood, discerning a vocation, forming future priests and the biblical basis for the Catholic priesthood. We also touched on the unique beauty that is the Chaldean Rite. Fr. Younan has been tapped as the translator of Chaldean Rite prayers into English. He teaches Biblical Hebrew and Philosophy at John Paul the Great Catholic University.

Nathan Scoggins is the director of a new film called The Least of These. It stars Isaiah Washington and Robbert Loggia. The film deals with the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, but it comes at it from a different angle than you might expect. The movie depicts not only the suffering of the victims but highlights the struggles of good priests who have been faithful to their mission, depicting, among other things, how they have been unfairly put under a shadow of suspicion because of the sins of others. The film is a thriller/mystery that has some great twists you never see coming. You can check it out on Facebook. Nathan teaches courses in directing and other film-related courses at John Paul the Great Catholic University.

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TSP Podcast 4: On the Priesthood, Guests: Fr. Andrew Younan and Nathan Scoggins [right click to download]

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bbmoe said...

Very interesting discussion about the Chaldean Rite. Maybe I missed any comments about this (I had to turn my attention away at a couple of points) but is the liturgical language completely in Syriac (I think Fr. Andy explained to me once that Syriac is the old Aramaic)? Are there any parts that are spoken in the vernacular in the services?