Friday, September 02, 2011

TSP Podcast 1: Dr. Pitre on the Eucharist & Prof. Iocco on "Secular" Media

This is the inaugural podcast of The Sacred Page. Brant Pitre and I discuss the Eucharist in the New Testament, with special attention to John 6. Then Dominic Iocco and I discuss his piece, "In support of secular media" (read it here).

TSP Podcast 1: The Eucharist in Scripture, Sunday's Gospel Reading (9/4/11: Matt 18) and Christians in Hollywood (Guests: Brant Pitre & Dominic Iocco) [right click to download]

Get a copy of Brant Pitre's book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist here

You can also get a free copy of a talk Brant delivered on the Eucharist in John's Gospel (CD and/or mp3 download) by calling 1-800-526-2151 or by email: johnny[at]saintjoe[dot]com. You can also get the entire CD set of the conference this talk was a part of--it included talks by both myself and Scott Hahn at a great discount. You can also download the mp3 files of those talks here.

For more great audio presentations by Brant Pitre, go to his website:

For more about the media program at John Paul the Great Catholic University, which Dominic and I spoke about, watch this video.


Anonymous said...

Check out Jimmy Akin's podcast:

Luisa Zorraquin said...

From Buenos Aires, Argentina I thank you heartily for sharing with us this conference. What a great way to teach people who like me are far far away!

cor ad cor loquitur

God Bless you!

Luisa Zorraquin