Wednesday, October 05, 2011

New Podcast: Curtis Mitch, ed. of Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and Dominic Iocco on Film

On the latest podcast I spoke with Curtis Mitch and Dominic Iocco.

1. Curtis Mitch is the co-editor of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Mitch is also the co-author (with Edward Sri) of a new commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (see the picture of the two of them on the right; Curtis is on the left). Mitch talks about his reversion to Catholicism and Scripture study.

2. Dominic Iocco is the producer of a new film, Red Line. He is also Academic Provost at John Paul the Great Catholic University, a school which helps train students in film-making with the goal of impacting culture for Christ.

TSP Podcast 5: Curtis Mitch and Dominic Iocco [right click to download]

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Nick said...

The Legion of Mary does missionary work. It goes door to door to preach the Gospel.