Saturday, December 24, 2011

Now on iTunes: The Sacred Page Podcast!

Today we get to make a huge announcement. 

After reviewing our podcast, "The Sacred Page with Michael Barber," the largest music store in the world, Apple's iTunes store, has agreed to carry our show. Apple is still configuring all the settings and it is not yet available through the search engine--give it a couple of days. 

Until then, you can download the show from iTunes here. 

Please, please consider writing a positive review so that we can get a positive rating--we would greatly appreciate it. And please also share this podcast with others! 


"Aunt" Judy said...

Itunes will allow us to archive these treasures! Amen!!

"Aunt" Judy said...

I would like to write a great review for your podcast on Itunes, but where/how does one write it?

Michael Barber said...

"Aunt" Judy:

Thanks for your support. To post a review go to the following link and click "View In iTunes" (under the picture). Scroll down to the bottom to "Customer Ratings" and "Customer Review". You can click on the stars to give us a rating and you can also click on the link "Write a Review".


Michael Barber said...

Oops, I forgot to include the first link: