Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Sacred Page Podcast is Now Fully Functioning on iTunes

We announced last week that The Sacred Page podcast was coming to iTunes. It is now fully available there. Just do a search for "Sacred Page" or "Michael Barber" and you'll easily find it! You can also just go to this link.

Again, we'd really appreciate positive reviews. Please help us maintain a positive rating by going over to the site and posting there. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom and you'll see where you can register a comment and give the podcast the rating.

On that score, I'd like to take a moment to offer heartfelt personal  thanks to "David" and "frjmt" for lending us a hand by posting in the review section on iTunes. We really appreciated the kind comments about the show. God bless you!

One last thing: please don't forget to tell your friends about our show. Some ideas:
  • Email your friends a link to The Sacred Page Podcast on iTunes
  • Post about The Sacred Page Podcast on Facebook
  • Rent an airplane with a banner that reads, "Listen to The Sacred Page Podcast on iTunes"
  • Go to a filming of a TV show like Good Morning America and stand behind the reporter on camera wearing a "Listen to The Sacred Page Podcast on iTunes!" t-shirt. 
  • Hire the Goodyear blimp and run an ad for The Sacred Page Podcast on iTunes on it
In short, we are grateful for any help we can get publicizing the show. 

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