Monday, January 02, 2012

Fr. Robert Barron: "Why I Loved to Listen to Christopher Hitchens"

If only all Christians could speak with the clarity and charity of this brilliant Catholic theologian. . .

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Nick said...

Father says Hell is the loss of God, which is the source of the damned's suffering, but than says Hell is suffering in God's presence, because God is Love.

That seems quite a contradiction, especially in light of the goodness of the Beatific Vision and the totality of the loss of God.

I'd suggest Father clarify himself on Hell in another video lest he scandalize anymore Catholics. And I hope he agrees with the Church, for his sake, for those whom he influences, and for the greater glory of God.

tl;dr version: I think Father is in error on Hell but am not sure, and I don't want another case of "let's protect this alleged saint!" like with Father Corapi and the late Father Maciel.

Although I would like another case of Saint Josemaria. That would be a good grace of God's Mercy to His Holy Church, and, I can hope, a way for Father Barron to grow in grace unto holiness via a share in the Holy Cross.