Friday, January 06, 2012

Podcast: On the Readings for the Epiphany with Curtis Mitch

This Sunday we celebrate the Epiphany! In this podcast, Curtis Mitch joins me for some analysis on the Sunday readings. This is just a short summary of the next full episode, which will feature a full length discussion with Curtis on Matthew 2.

Curtis Mitch is the co-editor of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Mitch is also the co-author (with Edward Sri) of a new commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.

Podcast: On the Epiphany with Curtis Mitch

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Bruce Killian said...

The magi came because they saw the Bright Morning Star rise (Rev 11:16) marking the Lion of Judah receiving the scepter of world rule between His feet (Gen 49:9-10; Num 24:9, 17). The star rose again to mark the lamb slain and led them during the day to arrive on Passover at sundown. The Star was Biblical and Catholic. There were at least nine separate signs in the heavens with the sun, moon, and stars linked to Jesus’ life. The heavens bowed before His presence. Jesus was born on the solstice, Dec 25 1 BC. That star rose again Dec 12, 1531 the solstice for Our Lady of Guadalupe. The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19:1). see VenusStarofBethlehem.pdf
Grace and peace,