Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Redaction of Genesis: Free Online

This is a short post to advertise more widely the fact that one of the finest structural and literary analyses of the Book of Genesis, Gary Rendsburg's The Redaction of Genesis (Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1996), though out-of-print, is now available free, online, as a pdf here.  I don't agree with every chiasm that Rendsburg finds in the text, but in broad strokes--especially in the Primeval History (Gen 1-11) and the Abraham Cycle (Gen 12-22)--I'm convinced he's largely correct.  Of course, he's building on earlier work by Cassuto, Sasson, and Fishbane.  His chapter on the date of Genesis is very interesting.  He argues that it is Davidic (10th cent BC), based on numerous parallels between Abraham and David.  His observations are very useful for biblical typology: one can understand the parallels he sees as not so much relevant to the date of composition as to a theological type: anti-type relationship between Abraham and David.


Nick said...

Thank you!

I hope the same happens to your guys' stuff when they go out-of-print :)

Michael Barber said...

I concur with John--a great book!