Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Guessed It!

You guessed it!  It wasn’t Tim Tebow, Chuck Colson, Rick Warren, Rick Santorum, Bill Hybels, Fr. Robert Barron, Cardinal George, Cardinal Dolan, or George W. Bush, but our very own President Barack Obama who said last Saturday:
"Yesterday, many of us took a few quiet moments to try and fathom the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. Tomorrow, we will celebrate the resurrection of a savior who died so that we might live. And throughout these sacred days, we recommit ourselves to following His example."
I suppose by making this comment he risked losing the votes of the "Reason Rally" faithful this Fall, but perhaps such comments will help him pick up the votes of the 77% of Americans who believe in the resurrection.  Certainly his comment makes it look like our President is among that 77%.

All I can say is, Wow.  Let's all rally behind our President and heed his advice on this one.


lenchoy2k said...

May we never forget that faith without works is dead. said...

Rally around this man who has wreaked such destruction, who has been big abortion's greatest friend, and who has declared war on the Church? No thanks.

Bob MacDonald said...

There are times when a leader can do nothing because of his people's self-centredness or self-righteousness.

john said...

Embryoes have dignity and personhood even pro choice scientists recognize their personhood A Danish study concluded that the embro feels pain at 2 1/2 weeks.
The babies blood supply is separate from it's mother
Movement b4 2 weeks
Fingerprints 7  and a half
Heartbeat 5 weeks 
Brain waves 6 and a half weeks 
Got this from my old 2nd grade public school science book ( except for Danish)
And confirmed at www abort 73 com

If the defininition of personhood was being self aware then a lot of teen agers, a few adults, and those with special needs would not be persons.

The prez just refuses to make that distinction and I'm glad the author of this blog makes that distinction.

Kings said...

Can you say "we Election year". Even Satan cannot deny what has been said. And knows what the truth really is. I say be cautious with these types of split tongued people who will tell what you want to hear to promote their real intentions. I will continue to pray for our president. I love him because he is my brother in the eyes of God. I hope and pray that there will be peace in all our hearts someday. Gods will be done.

Cornerstone said...

Are you kidding? Do you even understand and accept Catholic doctrine. Obama Administration has been trying to destroy or fragment the U.S Catholic Church, in order to push the democrat socialist agenda. Because U.S Catholics conference is standing between the administration and end game, which is to turn this country into a socialist country. Socialism means God will not dictate in our law or value in society, but only government dictates rules and value. What happen when we take God out of our society, we have Columbine and Virginia Tech situation, we have Planned Parentalhood systematic killing innocent God's children. Additionally Obama HHS mandate for pro-abortion policy. Another example, religious freedom is no longer there. Hence, today, the military chaplain could no longer mention the word Jesus among military personnel. This only happen recently under Obama Administration. For some of you who can't see the truth, Obama agenda is against our faith and freedom. Let tell you this, Jesus will win in the end, it is written in our scripture!