Sunday, June 24, 2012

Salvation - Past, Present, and Future

A few weeks back I did a podcast on the biblical understanding of salvation: "TSP 21: What does it mean to be saved? What is the role of works in salvation?". There I highlighted the fact the New Testament describes salvation as something more than just a past event--it has present and future dimensions as well.

One of my former students, Nate Sjogren, a graphic design wiz who posts on the website, All You Can Eat Catholics, came up with a helpful graphic to illustrate this.

Thanks, Nate!


De Maria said...
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De Maria said...

Excellent sign! And so true. Since the day you posted the article, I've been thinking about how to "flesh out" the three sayings in terms of Catholic doctrine.

I was saved-Mark 16:16, we are saved in Baptism. Titus 3:5, we are saved in the Sacraments. Unlike the non-
Sacramental religions, Christ has afforded us the grace of sonship which is received first in Baptism and continued in the rest of the Sacraments. Judgement comes first to the Church (1 Pet 4:17). And it begins in the Sacraments. (Read more).

I am being saved-by studying to make myself (2 Tim 2:15) and adding to my faith, knowledge and virtue (2 Pet 1:5-10). Justification, in the Catholic system, weaves salvation by faith and works (the Jewish model) and salvation by faith apart from works (the Christian model) seamlessly together. (Read more).

I hope to be saved-because I place all my hope in God, who alone saves, by His mercy, those who obey Christ and keep His Commandments (Exodus 20:6; Rev 22:12-15; Heb 5:9; Phil 2:12) Read more.


De Maria