Friday, June 01, 2012

Scripture and the Trinity: The Biblical Roots of the Dogma (Podcast for Trinity Sunday 2012)

This Sunday is one of my favorite feasts of the year: Trinity Sunday. Here I go through Thomas Aquinas' exegetical arguments for the Trinity in his Summa Contra Gentiles. I'd appreciate your comments and feedback!

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Scripture and the Trinity: The Biblical Roots of the Dogma (Podcast for Trinity Sunday 2012)(Right click to download)

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Nick said...

Do you guys do podcasts on the fly or do you write down and read out what you're gonna say?

I'd recommend trying a podcast either way, as an experiment of sorts. Might be cool.

De Maria said...

1. I am a faithful Catholic and I believe everything you spoke of in explaining the Trinity.
2. But your explanation was ultimately unsatisfactory.
3. It is unfortunate that you call your friend, "sad" because he humbly and prudently accepts his limitations in understanding the Trinity.. I think people who are faithful Catholics, despite the teaching of the Trinity, a Teaching which flies in the face of natural logic, are shining stars of faith. I also believe it is dishonest to claim that understanding the Trinity is easy.
4. Your explanation of the Trinity was ultimately unsatisfactory because you failed to explain what everyone else fails to explain. The relationship of Jesus Christ, human being to the Second Person of the Trinity.

In other words, Jesus Christ has two natures, human and divine. How can the human Jesus be the Divine Person of the Holy Trinity?

5. I believe you erred in saying that Jesus Christ was not created. He was born of woman therefore, the human nature of Jesus was created. Jesus is at one, uncreated God and created man.

6. These are things which are inexplicable and why St. Augustine had his dream and St. Thomas proclaimed his teachings were straw.

7. If understanding the Holy Trinity is easy for you, God be praised. But it is not easy for the rest of us.


De Maria

De Maria said...

Ha ha! Having said that I feel inadequate in understanding the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, I suddenly find myself in the position of having to do just that. I have a summary on my blog which has the link to the actual conversation taking place on an anti-Christian board. If anyone is interested, any help you may offer is welcomed.


De Maria

Anonymous said...

This is great, I think blogging is the way of the future for Churches and helping spread our churches content, Conversations are great and especially ones talking about the Bible. People that talk get people that listen and then people learn. This is awesome. Thank you