Monday, June 04, 2012

TSP 20: Matthew Salisbury and Co. on Catholic Social Teaching

Now for something a little different. . .

The recent Facebook IPO and other business headlines are the topic of this recent podcast. Here I discuss Catholic Social Teaching and Scripture with the guys from Solidarity With Salisbury. The blog belongs to Matthew Salisbury, a graduate of JP Catholic's MBA program. Justin Wilga and Stephen Flemings, also JP Catholic alumni, also contribute posts as guest bloggers.

These guys are engaged in some very thoughtful analysis. Check out, e.g., Matt's new post on On the Cynicism and Hollywood Night Clubs. I really enjoyed having these guys on the show.

Listen on iTunes or click the link below. Look for more information on this podcast over at the corresponding post at 

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TSP 20: Matthew Salisbury and Co. on Catholic Social Teaching


Nick said...

Great podcast. I'm glad more people are talking about this.

I first got into this subject from reading Leo XIII and the Distributist Review blog.

De Maria said...

Excellent webcast! The one thing which I wonder however, is, did you intend to imply that the keeping the "beatitudes" was a way to be happy here on earth?

Because I always took it as an "ultimate" happiness.