Friday, February 22, 2013

Ratzinger's Joke About Cardinal Tagle

Cardinal Louis Antonio Tagle of Manila in the Philippines
John Allen, who is profiling different papabili each day on his blog has a very funny story about a joke Ratzinger told about the young Archbishop Tagle from the Philippines. This is jocular side of Ratzinger most people wouldn't expect.
Under ordinary circumstances, Tagle's youth would be seen as an almost insuperable bar to election. At 55, he's three years younger than John Paul II was when he was elected in 1978, so a vote for Tagle would be tantamount to a vote for another long papacy, perhaps as much as 30 years. 
Tagle actually looks even younger. The story goes that in the mid-1990s, when then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger introduced Tagle to Pope John Paul II as a new member of the Vatican's International Theological Commission, Ratzinger jokingly assured the pope that the youthful-seeming Filipino had, in fact, received his first Communion.

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