Friday, March 08, 2013

Conclave App! The Easiest Way to Follow the News from Rome!

I love my Logos Bible Software. I use it everyday. I now even require it of my students. It's fantastic!

Now, I'm grateful to Logos for something new: the Conclave App! 

This is going to come in real handy over the next week. It brings all the information you need to one place.

It works for Android and iOS.

Some details:
  • Live Video. The app has available live streaming from Rome.
  • News. The app includes the latest from many of the most reliable sources: Zenit, National Catholic Register, CNA, John Allen, etc. 
  • Bios of the Cardinals (including the next pope). You get bios on all the Cardinals taken from the Vatican Press Office as well as's updates on "buzz". 
  • Twitter. It tracks hashtags such as #conclave and #pope. 
  • Resources. The app includes links to resources from Verbum (that is, Logos Bible Software, Catholic Edition) as well as videos, a Bible, and much, much more. 
Check it out!


My lovely wife asks: "Does it make smoke come out of my phone?"

The answer: No.

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Aric said...

Not smoke yet, anyway...