Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leroy Huizenga on the Last Supper and Priesthood Imagery

Leroy Huizenga has an excellent piece on John 13 in which, among other things, he looks at the priestly imagery associated with the washing of the disciples feet.

Read it here.


Andrew Guidroz II said...

Great article there.

I did smile when I saw his reference to Father Jerome Neyrey's paper on foot washing. Father Neyrey is currently working at Our Lady of the Oaks Retreat House in Grand Coteau, Louisiana ... just a few minutes from where I live. It's always a pleasure to discuss the New Testament with him, dipping into his incredible knowledge.

Leroy and Kari Huizenga said...

I met Fr Neyrey when I was considering going to Notre Dame for my doctoral work (I ultimately went elsewhere). Very kind guy. Really glad to make his acquaintance. Give him my best next time you see him (if he happens to remember me).

jw said...

It would seem that given the gravity of the washing ceremony as priestly ordination, that the Twelve participated in the Last Supper as co-celebrants and not as mere observers even if they were not fully aware of their con-celebration at the time.