Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Phil Lawler Nails Fox News' Ridiculous Coverage

I wish I could get away with this kind of cantankerous commentary. I'm laughing myself silly.
The doors of the Sistine Chapel close, and Shephard Smith of Fox News tells the world that it’s “ridiculous” to have this sort of secret process in the Twitter era. Thanks for your opinion, Shep. We’ll let you know when we need more of your guidance. 
Oh, wait; here’s another gem coming right now. Shep finds it absurd that dozens of media outlets are spending millions of dollars to cover the conclave, and in the end the result will be announced by a puff of white smoke. 
This time he’s right. It certainly is absurd. 
But what’s absurd is not the secret process, or the traditional white smoke. What’s absurd is that the networks spend their resources providing “news” coverage of an event about which no news is available. That’s what “secret” means, you know; we won’t have any news until we have a new Pontiff. 
But the sound trucks are in place and the talking heads are on camera. They can’t just admit that there’s nothing to say, so they fill the airwaves with uninformed commentary. 
Yessir, there’s a whole group of prominent people acting ridiculous. And I’m not talking about the cardinals. 


2010deacon said...

Absolutely right! The news anchors do nothing but read the news and are seen as authoritative - I guess because they can read!

Greg said...

Yes, and not to mention his questioning of Father Morris about how out of touch the church is on social issues in particular. When Father Morris explained how Jesus established spiritual paternity and the different roles for both men and women in the church, Shep says -- "but that was 2000 years ago." Guess Shep thinks Our Lord just could not see the future, eh?