Friday, May 03, 2013

Pope Francis on the Historicity of the Resurrection

"Transmitting this requires us to be courageous: the courage of transmitting the faith. A sometimes simple courage. I rememberexcuse mea personal story: as a child every Good Friday my grandmother took us to the Procession of Candles and at the end of the procession came the recumbent Christ and my grandmother made us kneel down and told us children, 'Look he is dead, but tomorrow he will be Risen! '. That is how the faith entered: faith in Christ Crucified and Risen. In the history of the Church there have been many, many people who have wanted to blur this strong certainty and speak of a spiritual resurrection. No, Christ is alive”.


Frank Ramirez said...

It is an interesting relationship between the crucifixtion, the Resurrection, and faith. The crucifixion manifests the terror of human fraility; the Resurrection, the saving transformation of humanity. And there is faith, having something of both of these realities. It has the frailty of humanity but also the saving power of the Resurrection. Faith transcending history, space, time, the finitude of human nature, and even death in order to possess the God-man.

Vince C said...

What a gift-- to have a grandmother who so simply but clearly passes on the faith to her grandchildren.

John Bergsma said...

Amen, Frank! Amen, Vince!