Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pope Francis performs an exorcism?

There is some discussion going on about Pope Francis' encounter with a young man, captured in the video below. Articles on this are appearing everywhere from the Associated Press and ABC News to the Huffington Post and Salon. Everyone, it seems, is talking about this clip. 

Does it record the pope performing an exorcism? Some sort of deliverance prayer?

While there is no evidence Benedict XVI engaged in such activities, it is known that Blessed John Paul II performed exorcisms.

The statement from Rev. Federico Lombardi that the pope did not "intend" to perform an exorcism isn't putting the matter to rest. Why didn't he just say, "The pope did not perform an exorcism"?

Notably, there are reports that Francis was known to perform exorcisms prior to becoming pope and many (e.g., see the links here) have noted that he repeatedly refers to the reality of Satan.

I suspect this won't be the last time we hear of Francis doing such things.


Kathy said...

Cool! I can't wait to hear that someone he touched was miraculously cured. Come, Holy Spirit!

Anonymous said...

It would be really cool if he miraculously cured an amputee!

Come, Holy Spirit!

Nick said...

The Holy Father did not intend to perform any exorcism. Rather, as he frequently does with the sick and the suffering who come his way, he intended simply pray for a suffering person who had been brought before him.

Nick said...

As for the alleged exorcism of John Paul II, I find it incredulous. A Bishop has the authority to perform an exorcism, he doesn't need the Pope to perform it for him.

Because of the Pope's popularity and universal authority, and because exorcism isn't an "evangelical-style tent revival theatrics", that story is more sensationalist than factual.

Lastly, Father Amorth is not a trustworthy priest. He has exaggerated his work as an exorcism, and, if his questions to Satan during exorcism are true and not lies, than he has disobeyed the Church, who tells exorcists not to engage Satan in questioning and answering but only to follow the Rite of Exorcism - which includes confidentality, for the demoniacs' privacy and reputation.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't make assumptions about the video. It could be a developmentally disabled person getting excited. Let's not "demonize" the developmentally disabled.