Friday, November 29, 2013

Logos Software Releases Verbum Plus Libraries!

I am pleased to share news that Logos Bible software is releasing an awesome update to their Catholic package, "Verbum", which now includes even better libraries and features!

I've been given a sneak peak and, let me just say, this is incredible!

If you're a Catholic who is interested in studying your faith, you need this software.

Upfront, I should tell you the following:
1. If you owned an older Verbum library you do not lose anything by upgrading.
2. There are many more books and features than I am able to mention here in these new Plus packages.

Nevertheless, here's a brief overview. . .

(By the way, here's the link to the Black Friday Deal.)

Better tools to study the lectionary

The first thing I love about this update is that Logos is now helping users better navigate the lectionary. When you first open the software you can now immediately see the readings of the day (or another day if you wish - just click a date on the calendar).

You can also have numerous tools open up alongside of the readings (e.g., commentaries, writings from the fathers and doctors, references in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, etc.).

This is going to be hugely helpful. Right now I'm setting my preferred commentaries up. One of them will certainly be the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. I'll also be using Thomas Aquinas' Catena Aurea, my JPS Torah Commentary Series, Word Biblical Commentary, and Hermeneia series--among other things!

A Fantastic "Catholic Topical Index"

But even more awesome is the new Catholic index. Logos has assembled an incredible list of terms and concepts, including, "Eucharist," "Absolution," etc. For example, select "filioque" and you will immediately be taken to a list of biblical passages, writings from the fathers, and other important resources.

Basically, you have every theoloical source on the topic at the click of your fingers.

Let's just be clear about what this means: I've got virtually every major work by every major early church father at my finger tips. If I'm looking at "baptism", I can quickly search and find every key statement made by the fathers and doctors of the Church. I can also see every time magisterial sources talk about it, including, the Catechism, Church Councils, etc.

You can even get every papal encyclical going back to 1740!

All these resources are tagged and linked together. It's simply stunning!

Saints Database

The Verbum Plus package also features a new saints database. It includes over 500 saints. Is today the feast day of a saint? Check out a high resolution picture (available for over half of the entries) and learn all about them.

Of course, the Plus library also includes the writings of many of these fathers and doctors. For example, I've got the works of Francis de Sales, John of the Cross, and many others!

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Explore Packages

Verbum offers different packages. Of course, the higher upgrades include those things featured in the lower ones.

BASIC (and above):
  • The Vulgate, papal encyclicals from JPII and Benedict XVI
  • Works of St. Patrick
  • Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae
  • Follow links from the Catechism to biblical and conciliar sources
  • See what the Fathers say about topics you are studying
  • Study the lectionary alongside your favorite bible tools and Church fathers
  • Search in Greek or Hebrew
  • See the Greek with a New Testament interlinear (with English words below all of the Greek terms)
FOUNDATIONS (and above)
  • Hebrew reverse interlinears (with English words below all of the Hebrew) for Old Testament books
  • Use Thomas Aquinas' Summa Contra Gentiles
  • The writings of St. John of the Cross and St. Francis de Sales 
  • Use the powerful "Clause Search" to discover the meaning of any word in the Bible
  • John Paul II's Theology of the Body
  • Ability to jump from the Catechism to the Code of Canon Law and all the latest encyclicals
  • Get the Latin Missal
  • Includes many other advanced language tools including (Targums, Greek-English Lexicon, Lexham Hebrew Reverse Interlinear Bible, Latin Texts)
  • Works of Philo and ancient Egyptian literature
MASTER (and above)
  • Includes all papal encyclicals from 1740-present, apostolic constitutions, and exhortations in English and Latin
  • Get the 1962 Missal
  • The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament! 
  • Numerous additional historical works (St. Ephrem, Saint Bernard, etc.)
  • Outlines of Jewish history
CAPSTONE (best investment!)
  • Use ancient Jewish sources to look at Catholicism's Jewish roots
  • Numerous books by Scott Hahn, Cardinal Ratzinger, John Henry Newman and many others!
  • Get every resource referenced in the Catholic Topical index
  • Study with the BDAG and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Hundreds of other resources


Steven C. Smith, Ph.D. said...

Hey Michael - yep, this is a big update! I am as excited as you are!


Anonymous said...

I love my Logos Verbum! Unfortunately, I could only afford the basic package. I have added some content to it and hope to upgrade to the Verbum Foundations package sometime after Christmas (the black Friday deals on their packages, while enticing, comes too close to Christmas). One complaint I have concerning Logos is that many individual volumes which form part of a series or collection are unavailable except by purchasing the entire series/collection.

Off topic: Flocknote is offering (free of charge!) to email subscribers a chance to do a study of the gospels in a year using the Ignatius Study Bible. Each day you'll receive in your email a portion of the the gospel (I assume it will start with Matthew) along with the accompanying notes from the ISB. The offer starts Dec. 1 and you can subscribe here,

Matthew Bellisario said...

Im not too impressed for the money. You can find most of the material for free on the Internet. The rest you can acquire in digital format for a lot less. For example, no one is going to use the Saint feature. You can find everything on the Saints, on Google for free. The search engine looks nice, but aside from that, I already have most of the material in either digital or hardcopy. For me its just too expensive for what you get.

Gregory said...

I've been a Verbum user for about a year now, and I've got to say it's really MUCH more than it looks at first. It's not just a bunch of books (which, sure, you could find some of them online) — it's software that links all of these books together. When you open an instance of the Catechism, for example, it links out to all of the primary sources, and those primary sources link out to scripture and other documents etc.

I think this coolest thing about this upgrade is the Catholic Topical Index —there really isn't anywhere else where something like this exists.

Anyway, thanks for the review Michael!

jaan said...

I have to admit i can get all of this free throught the vatican clerus site. they have a wonderful program that ties it all together. Just do a search for clerus and you will find it. Logos is a overpriced throwback to so the says when stanaalone expensive software was viable ti ia really useless when considering all of the free options out there.including stuff that one can buy for kindle.