Monday, January 27, 2014

THREE previously unreleased commentaries by Aquinas coming from Logos Software

As readers of this blog know, I am a huge fan of Logos Bible Software.

From time to time, I get emails or comments from people who make the case that such a software program is unnecessary because the materials available on Logos are available online.

Not only do such people fail to understand what Logos is capable of doing (e.g., word studies, cross referencing across resources, etc.), they are also just plain wrong--you simply cannot find the same resources on the web for free.

For example, Logos is now about to make history by releasing the the first English translation of three commentaries by Aquinas.


They are:

  • Thomas' commentary on Isaiah (2 vols.)
  • Thomas' commentary on Jeremiah (2 vols.)
  • Thomas' commentary on Peter Lombard's Sentences (8 vols.)

I can't believe these works have never been available in English. Stunning!

But soon you'll be able to get them--and only from Logos.

Pre-order now and get the incredible discount!

Learn more here.


Clifford Kvidahl said...

Thanks for the plug Mike. You may also be interested in the first English translation of Ceslas Spicq's Commentary on Hebrews as well.

Nathan Eubank said...

I recently discovered that Logos doesn't even begin work on adding things like this until they are satisfied that enough people have pre-ordered (at least in some cases). I had been holding my breath for the release of the PL and PG series for about a year when I contacted them to see how it was coming. I was told that work had not started because not enough people had pre-ordered.

Nathan Eubank said...
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Michael Barber said...

I know the Isaiah commentary is well underway. The others may be too.

Jeremy Priest said...

The PL and PG would be amazing if they ever get enough interest. These commentaries by Aquinas are going to be fascinating.
Did you see the Aquinas translations coming out in February?