Saturday, February 01, 2014

Join Me in Saginaw this Tuesday and Wednesday

 I will be in Saginaw, Michigan, this Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Feb. 4-5, speaking at 6pm at Holy Family Church.  On Tuesday I'll be giving my talk, "How to Get through the Bible in an Hour!" (complete with stick figures!), and on Wednesday, "The Seven Sacraments in the Gospel of John."


Sr. Dorcee said...

I'm SO excited that you are going to be in our neck of the woods again, Dr. Bergsma. I let the Sisters know--maybe some can show up. We'd love to see you again. Many of them keep listening to your talks on CD. God bless all that you are doing. Sr. Dorcee, Superior, The Servants of God's Love

John Bergsma said...

Hi, sister! So often I think of your community with fondness! I hope we can connect again sometime.