Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Presenting at the Paul and Judaism Conference in Houston, TX

I am very much looking forward to presenting a paper, entitled, "Cultic Theosis in Paul and Second Temple Judaism" at the big Paul and Judaism Conference this week at Houston Baptist University. The paper is co-written with my friend and colleague at JP Catholic, John Kincaid.

The conference should be a lot of fun. Other speakers include N.T. Wright (who will, of course, be speaking on his recently released book on Paul), Ross Wagner, and Beverly Gaventa.

For more information on the conference, which begins on Wednesday (March 18) and ends Thursday (March 19), go here.


Anonymous said...

This may not be the proper forum for discussion on Wright's new tome, but was wondering if you might be able to provide some thoughts on it. After being an avid fan of his 'origin' series I have to admit that this one has left me rather disappointed.

Alexa said...

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