Sunday, March 30, 2014 ranks #30 among biblioblogs (academic bible blogs)

Peter Kirby has released the latest rankings by traffic of academic bible blogs ("biblioblogs"). This blog comes in at #30. Not bad!

In the last ranking, we were at #52. At that time, blogging had slowed down here considerably. However, we've stepped it up here and t's nice to be back in the top 50.

Some random observations. . .

  • The #1 and #2 slots continue to be held by Jim West and Scot McKnight. Congratulations to both! 
  • 3 of the top 10 are Patheos blogs.
  • is one of only two blogs written by Catholic academics on the list--and the only one written by Catholic academics in English.
  • Bart Ehrman's blog has fallen from #27 to out of the top 50.  
  • Nijay Gupta's fine blog has climbed to number #28 (from #45). This is one of my favorite bible blogs and I am pleased that it is getting increased traffic.
  • Another personal favorite who is on the rise is Nick Norelli, who has risen from #70 to #48. Nick is a great guy and he has a great site. It's so good to see him crack the top 50.  
  • The top 10 include both believers and skeptics. 

Thanks, Peter, for this undertaking. I find it all very interesting. And, of course, I'm thrilled that we made the top 50!


Nick Norelli said...

Thanks for pointing this out! It's nice to know I rank above Ehrman! ;-)

Nijay K. Gupta said...

Thanks, Michael.

Robert Holmstedt said...

Our niche Hebrew grammar blog fell out of the top 50 this time around, but at least one of us is Catholic (me), so your third bullet point could be amended (slightly).