Friday, April 11, 2014

E.P. Sanders' endorsement of Ben Meyer's book

I was just re-reading the introduction of E.P. Sanders' landmark book, Jesus and Judaism, and came across a quote that I had forgotten about. It concerns one of my favorite books about Jesus ever written--a book I am sad to report is often overlooked. . . though not by Sanders:
"Ben Meyer's description of The Aims of Jesus is the riches and best nuanced one that I know, and it will be necessary to return to his recent book in discussing points along the way and in the conclusion."--E.P. Sanders, Jesus and Judaism, 47
How's that for an endorsement?

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Unknown said...

That's quite an endorsement!
I was just recently reading parts of the article on Jesus in the AYBD and noticed that it's by Ben Meyer! He must have died around that time or something because I don't see much from him after that.