Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The "Billy Graham of Scandinavia" Announces His Conversion to Catholicism

As hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone prepare to join the Catholic Church this Easter, a high-profile conversion has been rocking the largely-secular Swedish culture.  Rev. Ulf Ekman, Sweden's most prominent evangelical pastor, leader of the nation's largest mega-church, announced a few weeks ago that he has decided to become Catholic.  A full interview with a Swedish newspaper is available here.

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Susan Moore said...

Wow, another reason to be grateful to Him!
Yet it seems I know well that silent ripping of one’s heart in half as it struggles to both stay and come. Therefore, there is an excellent reason Lot and his family were told not to look back (yet, nevertheless, all the righteous were spared).
So let’s welcome –with robes and rings and celebrations- our prodigal child home, and in that way praise Him for the ones who have persevered to love Him above all created things.
Thanks for sharing, Professor Bergsma.