Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unicorns exist after all: Evidence from Aquinas

In his commentary on the psalms, Aquinas quotes Psalm 22:21 as reading: "And my lowliness from the unicorn's horns."

Wait. . . did Thomas just say that unicorns existed in the psalmist's day? Did unicorns survive the flood after all?

Well, probably, but don't get too excited unicorns aren't what you think they are. Thomas cites Job 39, explaining, "'The rhinoceros', that is the unicorn, 'will never desire to serve you', but will die. . '"

So there you have it from Thomas Aquinas: rhinos are unicorns.

Fat unicorns. 

Tri Star has led me astray.
But I guess a rhino running across the screen wouldn't sell as well.

For those who might not understand that this post was intended with humor, let me be clear. . .  I am not suggesting that Thomas believed rhinos could fly. 


Susan Moore said...

Thanks for the clarification! Just kidding, I like your humor.
My Bible never uses either word, I think it says ‘wild bulls’.
True, a half-blind rhino thundering across the screen would probably scare the bujingles out of a child.
I preferred to cling to hope and pray my Shetland pony would grow a horn in the middle of her forehead.

Anonymous said...

I think the tristar animal is a pegasus?