Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paul's face revealed!

If you are a serious Pauline scholar, you apparently know what he looked like.

Michael Bird, Chris TillingNijay Gupta, Ben Blackwell, Nathan Eubank--take note. If you decide on using a different picture of the Apostle on your future books on Paul, be forewarned that you will risk being marginalized. Go the safe route. Go with the majority opinion. Don't question the emerging consensus on Paul's appearance and opt for a more controversial position.
You've been warned. Your academic credibility is on the line here. 


bbmoe said...

It was the standard 8x10 glossy mosaic that all the casting directors asked for.

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

You guys must be a scream at cocktail parties.

DimBulb said...

It appears that dust jacket designers have become unimaginative and lazy. Does this mean that pauline clip art covers are on the horizon?