Wednesday, February 04, 2015

"As Seen On TV": Footsteps in Faith Conference in Lubbock this weekend

This weekend Brant and I are returning once again to Lubbock, Texas to speak at the Footsteps in Faith Bible Conference, hosted at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. This conference has been such a blessing. Having been there so many times and getting to know so many of the good people in the Catholic community there, it always feels like a bit of a homecoming. In particular, it is sheer delight to get to spend time with Bishop Plácido Rodriguez, the good shepherd of the Lubbock diocese.

Normally, I would tell you all about the event here. However, given the great work the promotors have been doing, I'm not sure how much more a post from me would help. The conference has been receiving a lot of attention in the local area. For one thing, here's the television commercial for the event that has been running on the local airways.

In addition, there was a TV spot on the local news station (go here) about the conference as well.

I hope you you can make it!

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J_Bob said...

While the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)is not primarily spent on Biblical research, it would have been nice to note such a group.

Almost 10,000 young people attended the Jan. SEEK2015 gathering in Nashville.

A number of these students were members of our Bible Study Group.