Saturday, May 05, 2018

Mary Arose!

Although it is the Easter Season and this might be more appropriate for Passion Week, I thought I'd share this beautiful song, "Qamat Mariam," ("Mary Arose"), sung by Fairuz, who is something like the Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand of Lebanon.  It was sent to me by someone who spent 8 years in a Syrian Catholic monastery, serving the Syrian Catholic community.  

Here is the English translation:

She rose, Mary, daughter of David face to face with the tree, scarring her crucified Son... in the hands of armies
The sword of grief sumberged to the depth of her soul, because of his pain, she was absent from all her cares, then the mother awoke, and she cried "O my boy"

"My beloved, my beloved child of my vows"
How can I see you naked and not weep "Oh my son"
your pains burned down the pain of my fear
of life, (i.e. earthly life lived without you) for your mother and children after your death."
O mother of Yeshua, O daughter of the Father exalted in gloryO bride of the Holy Spirit, the most awesome

Make us to share in the PASSION of our Redeemer
Make our souls beautiful by grace, and thus we will serve you for endless days and days


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