Monday, November 19, 2018

My Kingdom Is Not of This World (The Mass Readings Explained)

This week's video is now out.  The new liturgical year starts with the following video ("Year C") on the 1st Sunday of Advent.  Subscribe now and view all of Year C.

Catholic Productions' notable quote from this week's video:

"Even in these contexts he frequently will throw back a person's words to them and get them to either ask the question or answer it for themself. We’ve seen him do this throughout the Gospels: 'What do you think, what do you say, who do you say that I am?'

And he’s doing it here with Pilate as well: 'Are you saying this of your own accord or are others saying it to you about me?'

He’s... in a sense... trying to elicit a confession of faith... by Pilate in his messiahship."

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